Momo Kadous

     Originally from Mahalla, Egypt, Momo Kadous has devoted his life since early childhood to the performing arts. He began his career at the age of 10 in Mahalla and continued it in Cairo at the Balloon Theatre in Cairo. With extensive training in ballet, character dance, modern dance, Egyptian folklore and many other dance forms, Momo has developed a distinctive style all of his own.   He has earned international fame as a master instructor, dancer and choreographer for Oriental and Egyptian Folkore dance. His award-winning choreographies and friendly teaching style are much sought after in Europe as well as worldwide.  His many accomplishments include creating and directing numerous fantastic shows such as “Zaro” in 1997, “7000 Years in Egypt” in 2000, and “Al Mashrabiya” in 2002; Momo is currently planning future projects as well.  Presently, Momo teaches worldwide and continues his trademark projects where dancers are able to benefit from his training, his knowledge and his expertise in the art of Oriental Dance as well as Egyptian Folklore.